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Stylish Sisters of Instagram

When you think of stylish sisters on Instagram, you probably automatically think of the Kardashians, Hadids or Delevingnes, but these famous sisters are not the only ones making a fashion statement on IG. After going through these fabulous ladies’ Instagrams, you'll have an itch to shop and rebuild your whole entire wardrobe. Prepare to be envious. (more…)


September Insta Roundup.

Last month we featured some of our favorite chicks with awesome Insta feeds and less than 1000 followers. While we've taken off the cap, we're still looking forward to featuring some more d0pe accounts with less-than-famous followings.   @Selin.bozkaya Selo is a Turkish babe who went to college in London and now studies at Columbia Journalism School in NYC. She's selective about what she posts and therefore never really goes wrong. Girls will like her because she has awesome style,…

This f21 culotte jumpsuit is proof you don't need to spend a sh*tload of money to look expensive. #howcuteismyfriend #mackinstyle

Overalls, Culottes + Color for Fall.

I'm not going to lie, I told my friend Tori to dress cute for our Southwestern style brunch at Masa in the South End today. I didn't realize exactly how chic she'd look. I was going to post my outfit of the day, which also included culottes.... but hers was just so much better. We had both seen this ginger colored overall/jumpsuit featured on Who What Wear, but had I not see the article I never would have known it…

Have so much fun on your trip, but not enough fun that you forget about me and fall in love with one of the notorious North Dakota mountain slutz.

Shades Gain You Points, Guys.

When it comes to style and cleaning up nicely, men really do have it easy. With the ladies, there are so many variables in the mix of looking put together- the hair has to look right, the makeup shade has to match, the lipstick color has to be flattering, the clothes have to be slimming and stylish. But guys, for the most part, can roll out of bed looking great as long as their clothes are fit correctly. The downside…


The Suede Coat

It only looks expensive. I went to Primark last week, because that's what everyone in Boston did. Although they cover all their basis with their ethics policy, I'm still a little sketched out with sweat shops. You never really know. Anyways, with my nearly empty checking account in hand and my equally broke friend Blakeley by my side we took on Downtown Crossing. Everything there is essentially laser cut, and while it definitely doesn't look bad, it doesn't usually look…


Dissecting “IT”

What do the Chloé "Drew" bag, Triangl bikinis and mason jars have in common? To the blind eye, nothing at all, but to the social media savvy-- they all provoke an Instagram-induced eye roll. Why is it that all of these aesthetically pleasing things gauge such an unpleasant response? It is fairly easy to recognize that Triangl bathing suits make every girl look 10x tanner, nor do can we deny the functionality and timelessness that is constructed into the Drew bag. So,…

We go to nice restaurants for no reason. #lastnight #blessedAF #hotboyfriend #steak

Your Fall Date Night in Boston.

It's ~fall~-- basic bitches around the world are planning the perfect apple picking insta and your boyfriend is no longer available to hangout on Sunday afternoons. Aside from the minor inconvenience of football season (yeah, I said it), autumn is the ideal season for cuddling and pretending you aren't going to loathe the cold in 2 months. Beach days are over for the time being, so you might be looking for some fun things to do. Instead of Google, Trip…

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 12.26.28 AM

Menswear Talk: Fall 2015

My knowledge of men's fashion is minimal. Aside from knowing the major trends and what looks good and what doesn't, I know next to nothing. I had a few requests for a men's Fall fashion post, so I contacted some of my favorite/most stylish friends who know a thing or two (or a thousand) about what is going on in the industry. Guys, listen up-- these men know how to get dressed. MN: Name, Age, Occupation? AS: Abe Santana, 22,…

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 12.33.43 AM

You Placed Yourself on the Back Burner.

The back burner, the downfall of millennial monogamy. From the virtual expansion of "socially acceptable" online dating sites, to the social media accounts that allow us constant communication with former hookups--- as far as relationships go many of us are temporarily screwed. Heres the thing, most us would prefer to be in an actual relationship. Who doesn't want an on-call booty that responds at all hours of the day AND is down to sleep in? Who wouldn't prefer to Netflix n…

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You Have to Know Baddie Winkle.

Meet Baddie Winkle: [youtube] Today I saw something on Refinery 29 about the oldest teenager on Instagram. First off, you gotta watch the video. "I'm not an old person, i've never been an old person, I just do my thing." This women is inspiring. Laugh all you want... and you will, but she is an awesome role model for older women. "You're only here once in your lifetime, so have fun."   [caption id="attachment_6414" align="aligncenter" width="597"] "It's my 87th bishhh" @baddiewinkle[/caption]…