Five ways to improve your gifting skills.

I know. We live in a culture that is far too materialistic. Old Navy is opening on Thanksgiving this year for a pre-Black Friday sale, and I think thats pretty gross. Either way, gift giving is fun. You can tell someone you love them a hundred times a day and that is beautiful, but how often do you spoil them with materialistic love? Twice a year. Unless you have my friend's boyfriend who bought her an iPhone for Easter one year. I was once…

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Top 10 Holiday Gift Ideas for Fashionistas

Having a stylish person in your life has a lot of benefits. Don't know what to wear? Send them a picture. You don't even need to start with small talk, they are happy to help. Before you met your girlfriend you dressed like a basic bro, now you find yourself checking out other guys outfits on the street. While this girl probably has a Lauren Conrad skill level at gift giving, and that may be intimidating--- you too can't make…


Thanksgiving Outfit Crisis Resolved.

Thanksgiving is almost a week away, and we know you probably haven't gotten your outfit together yet. Although it'll be easy to enjoy yourself surrounded by family, turkey, and gravy; it's tough to avoid a massive gut by the end of the evening. The key words for when planning your holiday outfits are: cute & comfortable; which is incredibly easy thanks to oversized sweaters and leggings. Here are five outfits that dodge the food-baby look. Trust me, this is not the…


Barcelona Photostory

Last week, while eating tapas drunk in Barcelona, I was introduced to a Ecuadorian photography student named Maria. After sharing a few glasses of champagne, the two of us decided to collaborate on a photoshoot. I'm so grateful for my wonderful friends Ariana and Amanda for agreeing to be part of this, I love you guys.  


That’s so LIT: Fall 2015

Last week, we had our fall photo shoot with LIT Boutique and let me to tell you... I was feelin' myself. Lucy (to my left) is rocking a fur vest over a white blouse and DL flared jeans. Yes, we underestimated the height of her heels with the length of her jeans, but Lit Boutique does carry fashion tape. My outfit is perfect for a holiday party you have to dress classy to, but still want to look fashionable. I didn't think I…


Autumn Trends: LF Boston

Styled by: LF Boston Photographed by:  Karim Yehia & Tori Hilshey.   This bodysuit is the perfect statement piece for a sexy night out. If you're single, that might change ;) "Let's get brunch on Newbury Street" look. Find out how LF Boston is different from other retail shops on my last post.   Until next time, xo

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The Scandinavian Look: A Q&A with a Native.

"I want to look French"- Every Girl Ever. "I want to look Scandinavian"- Every Fashion Girl in 2015.    Minimalism might have seen it's peak in 2015, but simplistic style will never be out of fashion. I sat down and interviewed on of my good friends and Swedish babe, Matilda, on what the deal with Scandinavian style is, and what to expect for the Fall. Although Gucci, Moschino, and Fendi are all about bringing back excess to fashion, Scandinavians have a…

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Stylish Sisters of Instagram

When you think of stylish sisters on Instagram, you probably automatically think of the Kardashians, Hadids or Delevingnes, but these famous sisters are not the only ones making a fashion statement on IG. After going through these fabulous ladies’ Instagrams, you'll have an itch to shop and rebuild your whole entire wardrobe. Prepare to be envious. (more…)


Halloween #SquadGoals

It's that time of the year again-- the panic of what to be for Halloween is starting to set in. If you’re like myself, I leave it all for last minute. But when you’re planning for the whole squad, you need to plan in advance---- no one will agree on an idea right away, (especially with my friends…) & of course no one ever wants to be the Miranda from Sex and The City. Can you blame us? Your crew needs to…