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Your Backpack is Hot.

Tote bags are annoying to carry around and always result in a sore shoulder. Somehow you end up with 3 books, 2 lunches and a hairdryer hanging off your shoulder during rush hour. Sure, I wear my fancy workbag when I need to meet with clients, but on a day-to-day basis-- backpacks are my jam. Don't get me wrong, I'm not encouraging you to open up LL Bean in a new browser and order yourself a monogrammed backpack (no hate for…

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Blogging for Basics pt.2

I'd congratulate you for starting a blog, but buying a domain and choosing a layout doesn't make you a champion yet. Yes, I know it's hard-- but it just gets harder.  The hardest part of having a blog is coming up with consistent content. Shit ain't easy. I know people who have had very successful blogs that have given up. I've had my blog for 5 years, most of the time it feels like a blessing, but it often feels like…

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Blogging for Basics Pt.1

If starting a blog were easy, I wouldn't have one anymore. Too many talented writers would have dived into this already condensed pool. There would be nobody left to read my content. Even after nearly 5 years of blogging, I rewrote the first sentence in this article upwards of 10 times. Even after hundreds of articles posted and millions of views, the best article idea I could come up with this week was "how to start a blog." I've proudly…

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London Fashion Almanac

From the moment I touched down in London town, my eyes were not fixated on Big Ben or the iconic red phone booths and black taxis, but on the clothes of fashion- forward Londoners. Even the trendiest, fast-paced New York it-girl remains slightly behind-the-times in comparison to our stylish friends across the pond. While on my most recent London adventure,  I made mental notes of what trends I should be shopping for before everyone in the US inevitably catches up. This trip had…

Editor’s Spring Accessory Picks

Scroll left to see more images //Pink Skinny Scarf $18 via Nasty Gal // Blue Alexander Wang 'Mini Rockie' Bag $595 via Shopbop // Below the Belt $138 via Shopbop // Soludos Half-hair Espadrille $89 via Shopbop // Eugenia Kim "Currently Offline" $485 via Bergoff Goodman // Head Wrap $38 via NastyGal // Floral Bandana $7 via AEO // Fjallraven Kanken Backpack $75 via Revolve**// Raga Statement Necklace $75 via Shopbop //    

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The New Rules of Instagram

There are some aspects of social media that are very superficial, but at the end of the day, Instagram provides people with a creative outlet who otherwise wouldn't have one. I'm totally one of those people who posts a lot. It's as simple as going to an indie coffee shop instead of Starbucks, recording an awesome outfit, and keeping your eyes open for street art.  You don't have to have a Chiara Ferragni sized crew or Hailey Baldwin's bikini bod to…

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Still Cold, but it’s Spring.

T-Shirt: Vince Vest: BB Dakota Necklace: Moonlight Makings Jeans: BlankNYC (I wear these religiously, highly recommend) Sunglasses: Rayban  With the exception of the vest, you can probably DIY this entire outfit with your closet already. If you have a leather vest, that works as a good replacement. Otherwise, this particular BB Dakota one is available on LeTote and Amazon on sale. My necklace can be purchased through DM only via Moonlight Makings :)  

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Covered in Caviar: Petrossian NYC

In a city congested with french cuisine, the Petrossian offers a menu that cannot be found elsewhere in New York. Chef Richard Farnabe has mastered the art of complimenting untraditional flavors to create a harmony of taste. I find myself craving caviar marshmallow as I write this; a sentence I never thought I would form. Everyone from the Kardashians to Martha Stewart is a fan of Petrossian Caviar. Needless to say, I jumped at the opportunity to review their new…

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March Insta-Queens

You don't have to have millions of followers to have an impressive feed. This is why I ~love~ this column. Per usual, we're showcasing *normal* (fab) women with dope accounts that will provide you with your monthly inspiration. Instead of looking at congested accounts that require an entire social media team, look at real-life women who rock this sh*t on their own. This is who you should be following. @Caybabe Living in California is a major advantage when it comes to iPhone photography;…

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Hey, Cool Girl.

Hey Girl, Timing your texts: Normal. Asking friends for advice: Normal. Strategically planning run-ins: Normal. Look, nobody is going to judge you for stalking yourself on social media before sending a friend/follow request to the person you're interested in. It's totally okay to ask your friend for advice on how to respond to a text that doesn't quite ask a question.  When you first like something, it's normal to get a little obsessive.  I was referring to my boyfriend as "my boyfriend" before our second…