Don’t get me down.

August 17, 2012


I don’t understand why women are always waiting for each other to fail.


Women should encourage one another to succeed. I have no doubt that the female gender is as  equally capable as men in all aspects of life. However, the one major factor I believe in favor of men is their ability to show unconditional support for one another (yes, I realize there are many exceptions). Ladies, think about it; When your friend gets a promotion your initial reaction is to say “congratulations”, but once you’re alone and you think further about it  you start to reflect on your own shortcomings. Someone else’s accomplishments are irrelevant to your own, and shouldn’t effect how you measure your own success. Men, on the other hand, are less likely to compare themselves to their peers based on MINOR accomplishments . Example: you and your friend are walking down the street, a stranger stops your friend to compliment what they are wearing. You may have not spent much time getting ready that morning, your outfit might have been the least of your concern, but rather than being happy for your friend you are overcome with a little jealousy. Same goes with even more superficial forums like Facebook. Say your friend has 100 “likes” on her “profile picture”, instead of being impressed by how attractive she looks in the picture you immediately search for flaws, something someone who “liked” her picture didn’t notice; or maybe they just “liked” it because she looks “slutty” in it..

Women need to start showing more support for one another. If your friend starts becoming more “serious” with her boyfriend, be happy for her as opposed to cringing at their repulsive Facebook pictures. If you show interest in getting to know her boyfriend then maybe she’ll be more likely to invite you to group outings, instead of just feeling awkward mentioning his name around you. If your friend loses some weight or starts working out, instead of encouraging her to throw back beers with you support her by doing something beneficial for both of you. This is why men have a much easier time losing weight, spending time at the gym, etc- because they don’t see it as a punishment and they don’t do it for anybody else but themselves. Help your friend get a job, if you think she’ll be good for the position and when she gets a raise think about how YOU can work harder to succeed at the things that matter most to you and not how she “had been with the company less than a year”. Once you start showing unconditional love and support to the people around you that same love and support will come headed your way.

And ladies- don’t say you hate girls, because in many ways we’re all very much alike.'
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