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September 9, 2014

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It is the icebreaker that freezes the train of thought running through your head; the question we negatively anticipate answering every time we enter a new workplace or classroom,  “What is a fun fact about yourself?” It is the runner-up for the most awkward question in the world, second only to the #1 most uncomfortable question “how many people have you slept with” (which is only asked by assholes anyways.)

When we’re only given the opportunity to describe ourselves in one sentence that is supposedly the most interesting fact about us, we’re allowing people to judge us based on one fact. Whatever we choose to tell the group probably isn’t actually the most fascinating thing we have to say about ourselves; just an opportunity to humbly brag without looking like a douche or a basic bitch (which is the biggest challenge.)

Fun facts that I recycle:

  1. I am a limbo champion.
    • Downside: look like a hoe.
  2. I have a webbed toe, and double-jointed arms that I can jump rope.
    • Downside: look like a deformed freak.
  3. I have a popular blog where I write about guys and other shit that sucks.
    • Downside: look like a self promoting asshole.

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Worst fun facts someone can use:

  1. You are a model.
    • First things first your not modestttt
  2. You’ve raised __ amount of money for a fundraiser
    • This isn’t your nobel peace acceptance speech. Of course you have the right to be proud, but you didn’t save kids in Africa for bragging rights, or a profile picture (I hope.) This kind of thing should come up in a conversation ~naturally~
  3. You love sports.
    • Cool, you have something in common with literally everyone.
  4. You have a parody twitter account.
    • Already hate you.
  5. Your parents have some impressive job at some popular company.
    • Similar to announcing your first car was a Porche. Do you want to make friends?
  6. 9/11 was a conspiracy.
    • Oh.

Great fun facts:

  1. You have a pet pig.
    • Pics or it didn’t happen.
  2. You have two same-sex parents.
    • You are the fucking future.
  3. You have a trippy story about that time you tried DMT
    • Did you see God? Please tell me the pros and cons about your religious experience.
  4. You speak another language.
    • *Only if you plan on teaching me how to swear in another language*
  5. Your dog is internet famous.
    • Not if you’re internet famous, thats irrelevant. Do you have a pug? Do you have vids?

Anyways, I vote we boycott this icebreaker all together. Not only is it unoriginal, but rather than breaking the ice it creates an awkward tension and leaves room for wayyy too much judgement.

Better icebreaker suggestions:

  1. If you’re having a bad day: What movie/TV series do you put on and what pint of ice cream is in your hand?
  2. Would you rather: give up cheese or oral sex?
  3. What fast food restaurant makes the best french fries?
  4. Would you rather receive a dance lesson from Beyonce or smoke a bong with Rihanna?
  5. What was the worst gift you ever received from an ex boyfriend?
  6. Describe your ideal cheeseburger?
  7. Would you rather: wear heels everyday for a year or carry around a giant teddy bear everyday/everywhere for a year?
  8. Whats your favorite flavor of Freezepops? Starbursts? Jolly Rancher? Sour Patch Kids? Skittles?
  9. If a food delivery man were to come through the doors right now,  where would he be delivering from and what did you order?
  10. Fuck, Marry, Kill: James Franco, Ryan Sheckler, and Liam Hemsworth?

For those of you who have to run a meeting or some-shit in the near future that calls for an icebreaker question, you are welcome. xo

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