The Blessing That is Being "Over It."

November 30, 2014

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“Hey” he messaged me today. A year ago, I might have teared up. I definitely would have texted my best friend. I probably would have responded with a great deal of excitement within 30 seconds of noticing his message.  Six months ago I would have turned red with anger. I definitely would have texted my best friend. I probably would have responded with irrational rage within 30 minutes of noticing his message, just enough time to make him sweat. Thank god for the read receipts on Facebook.

Today I rolled my eyes, confused as to why this person was contacting me at all. I didn’t text my best friend. I responded pretty much right away, it wasn’t timed. I wasn’t overly curious as to what he had to say to me, but incase it was important I gave him the opportunity to say so. Spoiler: just wanted to chat. I hadn’t entirely forgotten about his existence, but I had become completely indifferent about it. His decision to contact me on the pure basis of boredom didn’t change anything for me. My stomach didn’t sink when I saw his name come up on my screen. The possibility of a reunion didn’t cross my mind when he “just wanted to see what was new with me.” I found myself in a place of indifference; breakup Utopia.

“The opposite of love is not hate, it’s indifference”- Elie Wiesel/Bree Van de Kamp

The best feeling in the world is being “over it.” Someday, you’ll be able to look at this person’s face and feel nothing at all. There is no exact emotional timeline of a relationship. Just because a couple has run their course doesn’t mean something inside won’t linger. Certain people make themselves so present in your heart that it takes them a lot longer to leave– but someday they will. Someday, your mind will triumph your broken heart and allow you to overcome the emotions that drain your spirit. Being over someone is the trophy of your breakup, a pat on the back for your mental strength. When tears no longer linger in your eyes, and hate fails to take over your heart, you’ll find your emotional obstacle is conquered. Take those who hurt you off a pedestal, do not let their decision to hurt you justify any emotional abuse inflicted on yourself. Accept that they will exist on their own, and stop letting them live in your heart. Only then will you get to experience the beautiful feeling that is being “over it.”

P.S If it satisfies your curiosity in any way– This isn’t the first post inspired by this guy. 

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