He Who Isn't Sorry

March 26, 2015

Anna and Rachel are the type of women that guys dream about and girls friend-crush over. Aside from having in common that they are both “total packages”, they both feel everything deeper than most.  Hopeless romantics love hard and tend to be the first to give everyone the benefit of the doubt.  With this deep compassion comes extreme sadness when things go unexpectedly.  Unfortunately, both Anna and Rachel had a run in with He Who Isn’t Sorry.

Anna and her boy (not man) had been on and off for years.  Despite this, their relationship is better described as a “bromance”, as they truly seemed to be best friends.  They were making it work while she was on the East Coast and he was in school on the West.  It was a cold winter day in her world and a sunny and warm one in his, when Anna received a tip-off from another girl (props to you, girl) that she might want to do some investigating.  It turns out she was right, and when she made the gut-wrenching move to confront him, he gave her nothing.  No emotion, no regret.  He was not sorry.

Rachel’s boyfriend was older than her, super mature, and he made sure she knew it.  It was always a project for him to come visit her at school, but when she did see him he made sure it was extravagant.  Their time together was spent at romantic dinners and even the occasional club night. They were always the “lovey-dovey” type.  One night while at UMass, Rachel had a hunch.  While the boy was sound asleep, she was restless.  She decided to do what no girl ever wants to do– look through his phone.  It turned out her intuition was correct.  “You were such a good dancer” and “You’re such a great kisser” the texts read. Rachel woke her boy out of his peaceful slumber with a swift punch in the face.  His reaction? “Get the f*ck out of my face.”  He then proceeded to drive 2+ hours home at 4am, drunk.  He, most definitely, was not sorry.

Here’s where Anna can learn something from Rachel, though.  I’ll give you one guess what happened a couple of months later.  Rachel’s boy came crawling back.  NOW he was sorry.  NOW he wanted to make it up to her. NOW he realized he messed up.

Well isn’t that just perfectly expected.

Rachel didn’t take him back,  and neither will Anna when her boy undoubtedly comes crawling back.  Do these girls want to give He Who Isn’t Sorry a second chance, believing things will change?  Absolutely.  I’m not one to sit back and say it would be easy to walk away, but these girls know their worth.

Guys, If you think this post is about you – it probably isn’t.  But if the shoe fits…

Next time you’re not sorry, you better make damn sure.

First World Thoughts

(The names of those mentioned in the story have been changed)

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