Under 1000: 5 “Real Girls” to Follow.

August 29, 2015

Just because someone isn’t Insta-famous doesn’t mean they don’t have a feed that is worthy of major followers. The girls featured in this post have less than a 1,000 followers, but with more exposure would probably have insanely popular accounts. It’s cool seeing “real girls” get artsy and have fun with photography, food and fashion. Prepare for some serious travel envy.


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I met this stunning Norwegian chick while studying in the Gold Coast of Australia. Now she is currently living & studying in Sydney. Her account is perfectly curated with insanely beautiful landscapes from around Oz and Scandinavia and estetically pleasing dining. Sitting at close to 900 followers, Nora has an account everyone can find a little inspiration from.

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I’ve followed Linsley since both of us were working for Fashion Project, so it should come as no surprise that she has a great Instagram account. While her photos have always been on-point, her documentation of her summer spent on Nantucket made me want to drop everything and move to an island.

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Liz is a stylist and an artist with an unbelievable eye for what is photogenic. Her feed is a compilation of illustration, style, and her french bulldog named Chloe. On top of that she’s a friend of mine and definitely someone you’d want to hangout with.

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This Marshfield native and now Wilmington, North Carolina resident has nailed the single filter feed (a favorite amongst Lauren Conrad and major fashion bloggers.) She has always had great style, but she has been killing the game when it comes to composition and color schemes… which might be a sign she is going to be the perfect elementary teacher.

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I met this NH native/Champlain grad while in Australia and have always envied her style and Instagram feed. This girl has always had some serious creative talent and now that she’s living in California she has been doing an amazing job with her account. Expect to have a serious friend-crush on Brooke. (Header is also hers!)

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These chicks are awesome for all kinds of inspiration, and following them will certainly help you step your game up.

Still don’t follow me? #HOWRUDE.

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