March Insta-Queens

March 25, 2016

You don’t have to have millions of followers to have an impressive feed. This is why I ~love~ this column. Per usual, we’re showcasing *normal* (fab) women with dope accounts that will provide you with your monthly inspiration. Instead of looking at congested accounts that require an entire social media team, look at real-life women who rock this sh*t on their own. This is who you should be following.


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Living in California is a major advantage when it comes to iPhone photography; natural light, dope backdrops and pretty healthy food. Caylee takes full advantage of that. She has an awesomely-feminine feed; fashionable, and perfectly staged without being cliche. Worth noting: She works for a PR company @besocialpr that has pretty much nailed Instagram.

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Follow: CAYLEE


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For those of you who dream of eating their way through Asia, you must follow Amber. I met Amber while working at the front desk at the Boston Park Plaza. She’s from Thailand, but studied Hospitality at BU. Follow for travel-inso and food #goals.

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If you’re looking for a way to perfectly curate your Insta, take after Charlotte. Here photos look like her wardrobe; neutral with pops of pink. Her feed is fashionable, while simultaneously achievable. There is something to be said about those who can stick to one filter. Char has also written a few articles for us… this chick just gets it.

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I work for a beauty company, so I’ve become increasingly into hair/makeup related accounts. Charlotte, who was ~nominated~ to be featured on this post, has edgy style that is professional and aspirational. Think hiphop, meets goth, meets feminine. Many a’selfies, which for a cosmetologist is essentially the standard. Don’t be surprised if you suddenly want to dye your hair blue.

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Mariel is besties with everyone’s favorite intern Lil’Cam, but she didn’t get this feature because of her connections. Mariel is an impressive photographer with one of those instas that would seem like it had thousands of followers. Expect perfectly curated vacation pictures, boyfriend pictures that make you go “aww” not “ugh”, with a few inspirational quotes for good measure.  Bonus love: she worked with us on our Crush Boutique feature this winter.

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