Our Favorite Spring Gifts

May 1, 2016

Mother’s day is coming up, your besties birthday is right around the corner, and a good friend just scored themselves a killer apartment with a deck. For whatever, reason, there are purchases to be made. Soon we’ll start sharing cocktails on rooftops, salad will become appealing, and everyones going to post instas of themselves riding swans… including myself if I come across one. Here are our favorite spring gifts for any occasion:


/ I soak up like this towel  Cheers & Salut Glasses / Gypsy Water Parfum / Spiked Flower Pots /

Better on Toast Cookbook  / Mermaid Flask / Inflatable Flamingo /

Add a bottle of champagne & you’re good to go.

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Retired scene queen living in Astoria, New York with my boyfriend Ben. Accidentally started blogging in 2011, haven't stopped since. Lover of Nutella, hater of white jeans after labor day. Graduate of Suffolk University with a degree in Sociology. During the day I work for Petrossian Caviar, the world's largest caviar supplier and buyer. I have a wonderful life, and I'm excited to share it with you. Also, I have seen every episode of Law & Order: SVU.

  • Liz

    Love everything! I definitely will be needing that flamingo float! I plan to relax in the pool a lot this summer. Last year the pool at my apartment was too small and way too many kids around to even consider getting in the pool with one of these.