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November 22, 2016

It’s that time of the year again– gifting. As always, I’ll write a few of these for you guys. First, what your best friend & sister want. Next, we’ll cover what you should get your boyfriend or girlfriend, and then finally your parents. For specific gift suggestions; feel free to reach out to us.

for the makeup lover: Kylie Lip Kit

screen-shot-2016-11-21-at-7-24-43-pm$18-$30 Kylie Cosmetics

Its true. She wants it. Regardless of your opinion on the Kfam, Kylie’s lip kits rock. If she’s obsessed with makeup, I would recommend choosing something from the holiday collection. If she is interested but not an addict; Malibu or Kristen are crowd pleasers.

for the fashion guru: capture your style


Capture Your Style $20 Shopbop

Aimee Song’s book “Capture Your Style” came out this summer and it’s a guide to gaining followers, taking great pictures, and upping your digital performance. Any blogger, or social media addict, would be into this.

for the traveler: polaroid


$100 Polaroid 600 Round Camera Bloomingdales

for your prep: personalized errying


$58 State of Mind Necklace Kate Spade

Anyone who likes designer things and monograms would most likely like this necklace from Kate Spade, but I especially like it for one of my former roommates from Boston.

for the hipster: cool a$$ socks


$30 Hot Sox “Museum Collection” Nordstrom

Props to the Nordstrom gift guide because these socks are iconic. The also have Mona Lisa and Starry Night in another collection.

for the girly-girl: Minkoff


 Leo Clutch $99 Rebecca Minkoff

The Leo clutch, at the perfect price point, is the best reasonably priced clutch to hit the market in forever. I’m loving the velvet collection, and would highly recommend it as a gift. I have it myself, and it’s a wardrobe staple.

for the most sensible: ugg smart gloves


Fine Gauge Smart Glove $45 UGG Australia

Even your least flashy friend can’t resist the luxury that is UGG gloves, especially when it means they can use their iPhone. Everyone from your aunt to your $14 year old cousin would be down with these.

for the sh*tshow: a d0pe flask


$23 via ASOS

This is something I would get my friend Amy if I had her for Secret Santa.

FOR THE decor-obsessed: cb2


Salt & Pepper Shakers $14 CB2

 I love CB2, which is basically Crate and Barrel for millennials. For your preppier or ultra femme friends, try Kate Spade Home.

for the designer girl: clare v.


$49 Coin Clutch Clare V.

Even if you love your BFF, you still might not be willing to splurge $200 on one of Clare V’s amazing pouches. If you have one of those friends that seemingly owns nothing from H&M; opt for small designer items. Another low budget crowed pleaser is Chanel Lipgloss.

xoxo Mack

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