Rock Your Femme.

December 1, 2016

November 8th at 10pm: I went to bed pretty optimistic.

November 9th at 3am: My boyfriend came into our bedroom around 3am and told me the news. I stayed up for the next few hours and mourned my reproductive rights.

November 2016: I cried, a lot. Despite my outspoken criticism of President-Elect Cheeto, I knew I didn’t want to blow up my FB feed with Occupy Democrat articles. Instead of praying the electoral college away, I started channeling my nasty.

Queen Bey once said “who run the world? GIRLS”

Here’s a little timeline of woman’s suffrage. Short story, Susan B. Anthony wants us to get off our asses. Start with identifying yourself as a feminist, if you don’t already. You can still drop is low to Usher at da club, you can still let your date pay for dinner, but you should demand equal opportunity for yourself. Feminism isn’t an exclusive club for those of us who hate men, and those who think that have a really dated idea of what it is.

The Arab Spring is often referred to as “The Twitter Revolution” because of social media’s massive role in the spreading of different narratives. The same can be said about the 2016 apocalyptic election. Don’t stop being an advocate on social media (I love filterless twitter), but don’t be a keyboard warrior either. That’s just lazy.

The most satisfying Facebook post I’ve written all year, was a link to donate to Planned Parenthood that was shared 22 times. Even though it was online, I know for a fact over $1,000 was raised. This is an organization that needs your help. Who is on the offense? Homeboy VP-elect, who wants to overturn Roe vs Wade and defund Planned Parenthood like a psycho.

Side note: I found these fun-facts about Mike Pence and wanted to share his favorite recipe.


Congrats, you elected someone whose favorite food is f***ing peanut butter + apples.

women can be misogynists too!

I love Joe Biden memes just as much as the next girl, but I am totally over straight white men RN. It’s not that I think they are less intelligent and capable than others– it’s just that I think they are as overrated as New Years Eve in New York City. The only thing they have on us is that they’ve never been told they can’t do something just because of who they are. It sucks, I threw myself a dope pity party, and now it’s over and I’m ready to take action.

“If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor” -Desmond Tutu.

The only reason straight white bros are running the world right now is because we believed them when they said we couldn’t. Now it’s time to start your feminist fight club. Follow cool broads like Mindy Kaling and Ashley Graham. Apply to be a Big Brother or Big Sister (especially dudes– they are desperate for male mentors.)  Get out there and do some good, because Steve Bannon certainly isn’t going to do it for you.

Refuse to date men who don’t identify as feminists. My grandfather, who works for a ministry scholarship fund, is walking is the women’s march in D.C with my Episcopal minister grandma– if your boyfriend won’t attach himself to the “feminist label,” dump his ass. It literally means equality, and if he doesn’t agree with it, he thinks you’re less than him.


^ not complicated.


the future is female.



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  • Please tell me: How is Trump the “cheeto”? He won fair and square. Well, actually it wasnt fair and square, but he won anyway.

    • You’re totally right. I love cheetos. That was an unfair comparison.