Our Bipartisan Valentines

February 14, 2017

Do you remember the scene in Mean Girls where the water fountain in the mall turns into a watering hole in the jungle? Well, that’s how Facebook has felt lately. For many of us it’s frustrating. For other, alienating. We have one thing in common, we both find this political climate utterly exhausting. For many of us it’s all-consuming. I’m tired of the hate that I personally feel, and I’m confident i’m not alone. So this Valentine’s Day, i’d like to offer my virtual heart shaped box of chocolates to two special ladies on the other side.

Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski are two Republican senators who should give you a *glimmer* of hope for the future of this country. Whether you’re a hardcore democrat, or on the edge of conservatism, they are women to celebrate. Both women are members of Republicans for Choice and have voted against defunding Planned Parenthood. At a time where politics are polarizing our relationships, these women are making some bipartisan moves. 

Susan Collins of Maine is the closest thing we have to a moderate Republican. She has a pro-choice voting record that has earned her a 83% score with NARAL (Pro-Choice America.) In the past, she has been in favor of funding for comprehensive sex education and contraceptives for teens. Susan’s personal views are “pro-life”, so it makes sense that she’d want to reduce the number of unintended pregnancies in this country (duh.) It might seem easy to classify all Republicans as the enemy, but as far as women’s issues go; she gets it. Sue, will you be my Valentine?


Lisa Murkowski of Alaska isn’t quite as centric as Collins, but she definitely isn’t the aunt who posts fake news memes on social media. Her voting record wouldn’t classify her as a liberal, and she didn’t come out in support of gay marriage until 2013, but we’ve got common ground. She’s one of the good guys. We need conservative support to make anything good happen in Washington right now. Lisa is listening. Lisa, I got you this flower wall for Valentine’s Day.

Both of these bad bitches voted NO on Betsy DeVos for Secretary of Education. They were the only two Republicans to do this. Word in Washington is that they both plan on voting against Andrew Puzder for Labor Secretary. Now that i’ve bribed them with good press and our undying love, I’m hoping they stick with their best judgement.

I guess they didn’t like your Karl’s Junior ads Andy 🙁

Disclaimer: I support these hot chicks right to pose sexy in a bikini next to a cheeseburger. I do not think the guy in charge of this campaign should be in charge of the USA workforce. Just last week, Puzder admitted that he once employed an undocumented immigrant to work as a housekeeper. He’s a fierce champion of low wages and a warrior against overtime pay. Although he hasn’t been as villainized as some of Trump’s other cabinet picks, he’s undoubtedly one of the worst.

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