Namastizzle: HipHop Yoga

March 23, 2017

Photo taken by @rnd_visual wearing @paridaez

I like to think of myself as a workout connoisseur.  My inability to stick with one exercise over the years has shaped me into a well rounded gym buff. Every time I have a gym membership, I end up skipping daily and feeling guilty over wasted money. Instead I purchase passes to classes around the city. I find that I am motivated when I attend different style workouts, because it feels like less of a chore and more like a release of inhibitions. I have some favorites, most I discovered through my class-pass stint.

I’m also motivated by bargains. I will always choose the first-time bundle deal that gets you classes under $10, or the first class free. I’m not above pretending i’m a college student and whipping out my beat up u-card (i’m blonde with a spray tan.) I don’t feel guilty since I’m still paying off my student loans…plus these classes tend to be vastly overpriced. I do it for the endorphins.

Studio 52 reached out to us and asked us to test out a class of theirs. Since i’ve been to most classes in Boston, Mack asked me to write the review. Maybe I should get into blogging, there seems to be a lot of perks. Anyways, Class theme: Hip Hop Yoga. Can I get a hell yeah?

I was late to class because i’m always late, but if anyone asks– I blame my Uber driver (i’m working on it.) Studio 52 is located at the same location as Gem nightclub (champagne brunch memories.) Just one flight of stairs up is this stunning industrial, high-ceiling, exposed brick, cathedral window yoga studio, warm and dimly lit by candle light. I walked into class as discreetly late as possible. I felt instantly tuned in when I settled in my mat to the tunes of  Future and G-Eazy.


My teacher Alena was dope. She’s a spiritual gangsta; self described “part namaste part psycho.” She has a body you’d envy, which to me is a huge motivator– it guarantees the process is worth it. I’ve done many yoga classes before: bikram, vinyasa power, partner yoga. I love hot yoga, as it helps me tune out life’s stresses.

This class definitely had my focus and enlightened my senses (I have a very shot attention span.) Music is my passion, and the modern hip-hop songs definitely had my happy endorphins kicking in. It was just enough distraction to make the class go by at a painless pace and just overall enjoyable. I left in the best mood, and will definitely go back.

There are a lot of yoga classes in Boston. Some are great, and others you let your punch card expire for. Hiphop yoga isn’t just some niche, try once, class. They play music that speaks to you in your daily life, and connect your mind and your body through it. It fills a void that the city needs in its infectious nature. Best part about it: first two weeks are only $35 and you can find Alena’s playlists on spotify. Namastizzle.

My advice for anyone who is stressed, tired or on a budget: there is no excuse to not give yourself what you deserve. Whoever made you believe working out is a chore, has deprived you of what I know you crave in your life. Most classes are only 45 minutes and you can find some quick 30 min workouts at the lunch hour. I swear working out will provide you with more energy throughout the week and make you crave less unhealthy foods, enhance sleep, self-esteem, and your overall mood. Especially if you are ADD (or trouble focusing) like me, this is a holistic solution and has been proven to help focus and relieve restless energy. And above all, working out helps live a guilt free life. Do yourself a favor, try hip hop yoga! It’s awesome. You owe it to yourself. & I will share more of my hidden faves to come.

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