Floating on a Cloud at Balans Organic Spa

April 4, 2017

I’ve entered a new phase of my life…a health and wellness phase. It happened accidentally, and while technically a good thing, the timing couldn’t have been worse as a senior in college. When else is it acceptable to have a Tito’s & Soda fueled social life?! Catch me at home with hot tea and a hydrating face mask, how bout dah. One of my spin instructors was even slightly puzzled when I walked into her 6 am class on a Friday morning. She questioned why I was not in bed with a life-altering hangover and bagels like she would have been at my age. But there I was. Here I am. It just happened overnight. Britney Spears shaved her head, I went to spin class.

The best part about my newfound love for healthy living is learning about all the different available ways to achieve optimal wellbeing. A focus on skincare and spa treatments have given me a wealth of knowledge about how the body works.  After hearing rave reviews about flotation therapy and its health and relaxation benefits, I decided to reach out to Balans Organic Spa  on Newbury Street and try out it out. The first and only organic spa in Boston, I mean it when I say this place is a dream. The owner Marie is a biochemist from Sweden, and brings the high Swedish standards to the spa, working exclusively with Maria Akerberg Deepskin Organics products. As one of the healthiest countries in the world and home to the most beautiful people,  I would blindly trust the Swedes no matter what they told me to do, because if anyone knows health and wellness, it’s them. I knew I was in good hands!

After walking in to the perfectly white, crisp, and airy decor, which was designed to feel more like a chic home than a spa, I was led down a hallway to the private float suite in which I had my very own bathroom, shower, and changing area. Inside the float room itself was ten inches of water heated to body temperature and nearly saturated with therapeutic epsom salt (magnesium sulphate). Over 1200 pounds of salt to be exact, making it dense like the Dead Sea. Combined with its temperature, I found it nearly impossible to differentiate which parts of me were under water or above surface. I felt weightless, and it was truly like floating on a cloud.

A shower with all of the lovely Maria Akerberg products preluded the 30 minutes of pure relaxation. If we’re being honest, I spent the first few minutes panic stricken that I would become so relaxed that I would fall asleep and drown, even though my head was floating on a pillow. My mind raced to the CSI episode where the detectives mysteriously find my body floating face down in this gorgeous spa. More realistically, I was genuinely concerned I would not know when my session was over. All my worries soon went away and I was able to zone out completely. I knew before arrival that I would be able to listen to my own music while I floated, so I curated what the kids would call a “fire playlist” full of the most serene and tranquil songs by top artists. Only the best for “Spa Charlotte”, pictured below. Unfortunately the iPhone 7 does not have  a headphone jack, so I was unable to connect (Steve Jobs would have never done us dirty like this IMO). The spa music sufficed! The lights came on when the 30 minute mark was up, and another shower followed to rinse my salty, slippery skin.

I learned at the spa that 80% of the world’s population is deficient in magnesium- females in particular. Magnesium is an essential mineral for bone growth and the nervous system that is best absorbed topically, so bathing in it for 30 minutes was beneficial in itself. The high end floating experience was like an extended savasana, also known as the most wonderfully satisfying part of any yoga class. Floating seems like the new and improved form of mediation, wiping all stress and worries away without an “om” in sight. Post- float, I went to the main area of the spa and was offered the most delicious cup of green tea I’ve ever had. The warm and welcoming staff should be reason enough to give Balans Organic Spa a visit. I was able to test out the extensive collection of Maria Akerberg products, which also includes a makeup line, and learned that the spa also offers a complimentary service that allows you to bring in your current skin care routine. The well-educated staff will sort through it with you, teaching you what ingredients are okay and what ingredients to avoid. No judgements, no pushing products, just simply educating, because if we all were more informed, we would make better decisions about our choices. A huge thank you to Balans Organic Spa for the loveliest day of relaxation. I know I will certainly be back. For your own sanity, you should all give them a visit and have a float!

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Just another PR girl with an itch to leave one big city for the next. Currently living in Boston's North End. Poster girl for the phrase “champagne taste on a beer budget”. Creature of habit. Lover of fashion and have an irrational addiction to French skincare. When I’m not writing I’m waiting tables and spending tips on traveling and concerts. My claim to fame is that I once took a selfie with Mario Testino, and Posh Spice is my spirit animal.