The Activist Shopping Guide

April 21, 2017

It hasn’t even been three months since Trump took office and already I’ve gained weight, lost friends, and spent the majority of my paychecks on feminist apparel. In hopes of reinvigorating my wardrobe and pissing off my racist uncle, I’ve searched the Internet high and low for the highest quality and nastiest items. Grab your wallet and spend your hard earned cash on items that are fighting for you to make more. Shopping is resisting, so make like Retta and treat yo self. After all, the sake of our nation is counting on you.


What: Nasty Woman tee
Why you need it: This shirt looks dope on both Katy Perry and Will Ferrell, proving that it will flatter any human being. Smash the patriarchy and look cute af at the same time.
Why it matters: 50% of proceeds go to Planned Parenthood. To date, $130,293 has been donated.

What: You Are Not the Boss of V print
Why you need it: Unapologetically and artistically remind all the people in your lives (or at least, your apartment) what side of herstory you’re on. What better way to do so than with some not-so-subtle, feminist af, and totally badass artwork? Plus, if any of your guests don’t agree with the message, you’ll know never to invite them over ever again! You’re welcome.
Why it matters: On top of voting in favor of leaving 55 million women without no-copay birth control, Mike Pence also gave the go-ahead for states to defund PP. For each print, $10 is donated to Lady Parts Justice, a group whose tagline is “Inclusive. Intersectional. Fun as Fuck.” Need I say more?

 What: Black Lives Matter top
Why you need it: While I always strive to embrace my inner Iris, a black tee is a wardrobe essential. It’s fierce, understatedly powerful, and unisex, so you can share it with your boyfriend (because if he won’t wear it, you should probably dump him).
Why it matters: In 2016, black males aged 15-34 were 9x more likely to be killed by police than any other American. In 2017, a president took office who is praised by David Duke and who refuses to denounce the KKK. Long story short: Both Feminism and BLM are fighting for equality in a society that doesn’t value them. 100% of profits are donated to groups that support BLM such as Dream Defenders and Black Youth 100 Project, to name a couple.

What: Year of the Nasty Woman planner
Why you need it: Filled with self-care tips (which we all desperately need right now), lists of songs and books every nasty woman should know, and bios with illustrations and quotes you’ll want tatted immediately, this planner is your key to staying organized during a time of complete chaos.
Why it matters: 50% of proceeds go to Planned Parenthood, which needs your support now more than ever.

What: Memoirs or poetry books written by women of color
Why you need it: Adulting means buying books not just to put on your coffee table to look like you don’t only read take-out menus. Reading is knowledge, an escape, art, power, and suuuper sexy. Plus, most book covers these days are Insta-worthy. If nothing else, do it for the ‘gram.
Why it matters: It’s not that I don’t love Tina and Amy (because I do!) but feminism only matters if it’s intersectional (i.e. not just about white girl probs). It’s imperative to read, learn, understand, accept, and appreciate different cultures, experiences, and struggles. Read You Can’t Touch My Hair, There Are More Beautiful Things Than Beyoncé, or literally anything by Roxane Gay, Mindy Kaling, or bell hooks.


What: Trees tee
Why you need it: Personally, I’ve bought numerous feminist tees on Etsy or other online shops and the fit is usually subpar and the quality just isn’t there. So when I discovered Reformation’s line of Action Tees, I immediately bought as many as I could afford. Look hot while fighting for cool temps.
What it matters: For every t-shirt purchased, $30 is donated to the ACLU. Climate change is real, so unless you want our planet to spontaneously combust, I suggest you start doing your part (which, in this case, simply means buying a dope top, so you really have no excuse). 

What: Intersectional pin
Why you need it: Pins are in. Put them on anything to look instantly chic, cool, and a little combative. They elevate any outfit and literally can go on any article of clothing, from a work blazer to your fav purse to a denim jacket. Pins are an inexpensive, trendy, and unique way to express your opinions and add color to your outfit.
What it matters: Intersectionality matters. At this day in age, you literally can’t be considered a feminist without being intersectional. That is like being president without any political experience… Not cute. 


What: Aleppo tee
Why you need it: Feminism is about more than you and me; it’s about all of us. It is fighting for the inalienable rights of people all around the globe. Plus, you can never have enough white graphic tees, amirite?
What it matters: $5 – $10 for each shirt sold is donated to The White Helmets, a  completely unarmed and volunteer group that’s saved over 85,228 people in rebel-controlled Syria.

What: Wild Feminist bomber
Why you need it: The weather lately has been almost as cray as the GOP, so a lightweight, versatile, unapologetic jacket has never been more essential. Bombers have been in for a while so now is your final chance to snag one before the next big coat trend (I’m predicting: long trench coats, yellows, and gingham).
What it matters: Feminism aims to ends unfair and oppressive gender norms. Don’t act like a lady. Don’t be passive or quiet. Don’t apologize when you don’t have to. Don’t tolerate mansplaining. Don’t be timid or softspoken. Be pissed. Be you. Be wild. If that wasn’t motivational enough, 10% of profits go directly to PP and the ACLU.


Any favorites we are missing? Comment below & let us know!'
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