We love to Kick It!

June 15, 2017

A lot of us are probably on similar routines. During the day, we go to our slightly-above-entry-level day jobs. We might make it to the gym later, eat something healthy after, and maybe go to bed early– but probably not. Because doing the same thing everyday is boring, and you’re craving more.

Your parents warned you that “play time” would be over after college. But you probably didn’t realize the community aspect would disappear. You still hang with close friends for guiltless drinks and food. Brunch is your social saving grace for the week, but over time unforgiving to your waistline! You want more enriching activities and social time without the added calories.

If this sounds all too familiar and you are working towards being the best version of yourself, I know of a class that can pull you out of your funk. We’re not talking your average group fitness class; where I’ve noticed new people look at you funny if you try to talk to them or you get yelled at by the instructor when laughing with your guest. Think of Kickit! by Eliza as your “girl band workout squad.” Time to get involved with something bigger than yourself, made up of people like you. Just because you can do the heavy lifting on your own, doesn’t mean you have to.

This fempire has created a home for many motivated driven women (and men) that were hungry for more than they were being served after their college glory days. In this class, the energy is there. The flame was initially ignited by the brilliant, exuberant Eliza. Now she is seriously setting the world on fire. Some people come for her warm embracing hug when you walk in the door. Others have followed her movement and want everyone to feel their high.

If you just show up, you will feel the impact I’m talking about. It’s like going to the club with your girls– but the club is this studio and we’re wearing sneakers. KickIt is filling a void in the land of Boston fitness and even now starting to expand in NYC. They have over 50 certified instructors that can run the show and each represent their own KickIt crews. The demographic targets all ages (not just millennials.) It’s a “team” aspect that recruits from all different athletic backgrounds, but without the competitive pressure to make the cut. Everyone is welcome, you do not need to “get in shape” before attending a class. You simply need to find it in you to get to your first class and start your journey– a work in progress.

My girl Emily Crocker, one of the KickIt certified teachers, is constantly crushing it.

Leave your sh*t at the door when you come in, and if even you don’t, you will not be able to bask in it for too long. During class when a loss of focus is noticed and people are becoming tired, the instructors will toss you a simple but genuine smile and their good attitude is infectious. The bar is set high and although low pressure, this group really helps you to reach your full potential. Best part is you won’t get in trouble for playing and laughing, it is highly encouraged.

The MackInStyle team was invited to their blogger event, one of the fun collaborations KickIt is involved in. While we were excited to have cool instastories and boomerangs full of high-kicks and punches, it was the natural high that we left with that will have us coming back. Bravo, ladies. We love to Kick it!

Special shoutout to Emily McLaughlin, Eliza Shirazi, and Emily Crocker.

They will be climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro next month for Flying Kites Global





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