Tell Me I’m Your National Anthem

June 29, 2017

The fourth of July is next week, and you’ve probably been scrambling trying to find the perfect patriotic bathing suit to rep while crushing spiked seltzers on your friend’s boat (hint: just go to target.) If the ocean (or lake… i guess?) isn’t on your priority list, you’ll probably be having a city BBQ with your besties. In that case, you’re probably seeking something cotton, red or white or blue, and stylish. Gotchu.

This week I shot with my new photographer friend Francesca in Soho, and I was really really happy with how the photos came out. When I first moved to New York I was reluctant to have myself photographed as I a.) gained a little bit of weight after quitting adderall after 5 years, and b.) always referred to myself as “a stylist, not a model.” Recently i’ve had a change of heart that was inspired by some not-so-size-0 bloggers. I think it’s about time that there is more body diversity on my insta-feed! So, if you have any follow recommendations– comment them below!!

Anyways, if I were to be landlocked on the 4th, I’d wear a little something like this:

I’m wearing Fendi sunglasses (which are linked below and on super-sale), an ALEXIS dress (via RTR, duh), Steve Madden mules, and a vintage 1960’s bag from my favorite vintage shop in Astoria, Queens (Loveday31.)

Shop Below:


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