What’s in Your Trunk?

July 28, 2017

mack in style x trunk club

Few things bring me joy like having new things, but shopping is exhausting. Unless I need to buy something last minute, most of my purchases are made online. Though I’m a professional review-reader, I tend to stick to brands I already know fit. It’s been years since I’ve tried a new designer jean! In exchange for convenience, I have sacrificed variety. Then I discovered Trunk Club.

I first heard of Trunk Club from my Dad, who used their service several years ago. For awhile they only catered to men, but have since expanded their service to women’s clothing. I met my stylist Liz while working as an intern at Fashion Project in Boston (she was my boss!) When she started working at Trunk Club, I was intrigued. Though i’m no stranger to fashion subscriptions, (I love Rent the Runway,)  I need to actually own clothes too. As I get older, i’m only interested in buying clothes that are meant to last.  Trunk Club is owned by Nordstrom; a company known for quality and variety.

Special shout out to Arlo and Maizie for their participation in our shoot!

Dress: Kate Spade // Bag: Loveday31 Vintage // Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell (for sale on my Poshmark)

Working with Liz is like having a personal stylist for free.There is a $25 styling fee that goes with every order, but it works as a credit towards your purchase.You’re pretty much always guaranteed to love something. Before the box is sent she asks me what I need in my closet, what i’m willing to spend on various things, and if I have any special occasions coming up. Liz knows that i’ll never spend more than $70 on a top and that i’m always in need of shoes. In my first box I received a pair of Paige vintage jeans that I fell head over heels in love with. Because my (personal) budget for the box was ~$300, this meant I could only keep one or two more things. Though almost everything in my box was adorable, I didn’t feel pressured to buy all of it. I settled on a white top from Topshop, and wide legged J.O.A pants. It was easy to narrow it down between pieces I liked, and pieces I couldn’t part with.

// Bracelet: Paxmonde “harmony” bracelet

Dress: Alice and Olivia // Sunglasses: 5 years old from Old Navy (similar here) // Bag: Loveday 31

After my first experience using Trunk Club, I was excited to do it again. Originally it was just for the blog post, but it’s truly a service I enjoy using. This month I discovered Good American jeans, thanks to Liz, and I KNOW this won’t be the last time I purchase them.  As an added bonus, they also offer complimentary tailoring. Even the most fashionable people have personal stylists, and I will definitely continue to use mine. 

Photos by the amazing Francesca Dolnier

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