My Calligraphy Experience

August 3, 2017

A few weeks ago I discovered my secret talent of floral design. Last week I learned that nobody is a natural at calligraphy.

My friend Kenzie reached out to me recently about how we absolutely needed to take a calligraphy class. To clarify, Kenzie is engaged, so it makes sense that she’s been itching to do this activity! She found Juliana of Ink and Nibs on Instagram, and we reserved spots to attend a class at an Astoria flower shop called Petals and Roots. The location was a convenient 5 minute walk from my apartment. As of recently, I am obsessed with hanging out in flower shops. Which shouldn’t come as a surprise, since I designed my own corsage for prom (my date doesn’t know this, I was tight with the flower shop then too!)

Back to my calligraphy experience. Whether you’re getting hitched or you simply want to be able to write your name beautifully– one class simply is not enough. It’s like taking a paint night class and expecting to sell a masterpiece the next week. It simply doesn’t work like that! I had no idea what to expect, but had I researched it, I probably could have figured that out. If you are interested in taking a class so you can write the envelopes for your wedding, make sure you take the class early enough that you have time to practice on your own. My bride-to-be table mate Molly, whose hands I used for this photo, isn’t getting married until next April. At this point she’d already picked up a calligraphy pen and started practicing. She had on a cute dress and her manicure was perfect, so I have no doubt that she’ll master the DIY envelopes.

I’ve actually been practicing quite a bit from home, and its true that “practice makes perfect.” I think my calligraphy skills might be up to par by my tentative September 2020 wedding.

Interested in taking a calligraphy class? DM Juliana to see where she’ll be next!

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  • Molly Humphrey

    oh heyy! love this. though that photo is a good wake up call to stop biting my nails.