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August 4, 2017

When it comes to self-promotion, I have minimal shame. Seriously, I bring business cards with me to the beach. If someone asks me a question about myself, i’ll make it a point to tie my blog into the mix. Since moving to New York, I’ve met exponentially more bloggers than I knew in Boston. Of course, it’s absolutely no surprise that so many creative people live in the city of constant renaissance. Below I’ve rounded up my favorite blogs to read, not just Instagram aesthetics I mimic (though, these babes have mastered that too.) The writers listed range from close friends to people I don’t believe know I exist. These are some of my favorite posts of the month of July.


My undisputed favorite fashion blog, Damsel in Dior, is so much more than a series of perfect photos on Instagram. Her writing is excellent, making her blog so legit. I read almost everything she writes, but my favorite this month was her post on “doing it for the gram.” Content creators can agree that looking effortless takes a lot of effort.

BROWS, BROWS, BROWS – Rachel Walden

My girl Rachel recently started her blog and her very first post was gold. As someone with perfect brows, she is more than qualified to give advice on attaining them. She also wrote a post on going freeing the nipple while having big boobs, and there is some seriously solid advice in there as well. 

NEW YORK IS NOT MAGICAL – Olivia Muenter  

If you live in the city that never sleeps, you’ve definitely experienced several “I love my life” moments. Though, as Olivia says, “for every convenience New York offers, there are 14 more inconveniences waiting to slap you in the face…” Anyone who has experienced Manhattan in the summer will personally relate to this post. 

MY TEA STORY – Devon Butler

I recently discovered Devon’s blog Modern Lamb. I was really impressed by this particular story because somehow Devon made me tear up at a sponsored post. Like, who does that? Her blog is relatively new, but her content is really strong.

AIRBNBE THERE: Puerto Rico – Reed Van Dyck

When you think of Puerto Rico you may think “Despacito” and white sandy beaches. While both of those are definitely present, there is so much more to Puerto Rico, and you don’t even need a passport to experience it. Reed takes us through her favorite Airbnb spots, and you’ll be booking a ticket by the end of her post.

PARIS VLOG – Aimee Song

I couldn’t post this article without including this vlog from Song of Style. She has one of the most impressive blogging teams in the world, and of course the video gives you major FOMO, but it is SO important to watch all the way through. I’m not crying, you’re crying.

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