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August 7, 2017

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Subscription boxes have been all the rage for a few years now. I mean, there are more beauty boxes than you can keep up with. We have Trunk Club and Stitch Fix for clothes. We have Birchbox and Ipsy for makeup. We have Blue Apron, Sun Basket and Plated for food. We even have Sustain for condoms, lube & sex wipes. Unalike any of these, we have WIYB— What’s in Your Box? If you think by “box” I mean vagina, you’re dead on. Yes, there is an entire subscription box dedicated to women’s sexual health.

*Dad, no need to read further*

I met Ariana, a partner at WIYB, at a blogger event that she coordinated at The Plaza Hotel last fall (she’s their PR manager by day.) We discussed the side project she works on with her best friend over punch we drank from crystal bowls. It was a very classy affair that I was unprofessionally wasted at. At least I made friends?

Living in New York provides you with the opportunity to meet insanely ambitious people. Everyone in this city, who doesn’t work in finance, has a side-hustle. A great part of having a blog is you can exchange publicity for cool products. In this case, a sex-positive box full of goodies. Handcuffs that are also bracelets? I’m in.

You’ll definitely want to check out their blog, where you can find interviews with cool bitches and tips on having a successful threesome. I had the opportunity to chat with Founder, Christine Long, about her box.

M: Let’s start from the very beginning, what was the “ah ha” moment that led to WIYB?

C: The “ah ha” moment was senior year in college after experiencing a less-than-fortunate experience with STIs, which left me feeling a lot of shame around my body and sexuality. As a young woman in her 20s wanting to explore sex, I felt there were no relatable brands or resources I could turn to that would help me take charge of my sexual health. I also took notice of the obvious orgasm gap between heterosexual men and women, and wanted to do something to change it. I found there was still a lot of stigma surrounding female pleasure and women weren’t feeling empowered to ask for what they want in bed, or say no when something doesn’t feel right. Luckily, there’s an array of vagina-friendly products out there to help women achieve the sex life they desire and deserve. With WIYB, we’ve created an affordable, convenient and comfortable new means for women to explore and experiment.

M: What made you decide to go with a subscription model as opposed to an online marketplace? Do you find that most people stick with their subscription?

C: We went with a subscription service because we want women to receive a monthly delivery that reminds them to treat themselves and take care of their bodies with products that they may not know they need/want/like. In addition to a subscription service being a resource to sample a variety of products, toys and information, the monthly deliveries keep sexual health at the forefront of your mind – which is super important! We’ve had subscribers with us since our launch in December, and new ones joining each month. We’re thrilled to see the high-retention which does let us know they are indeed satisfied.

M: What has been your proudest moment so far as a founder?

C: My proudest moment so far as a Founder was making that first dollar. People always say, “An idea is worth nothing until you make it into something,” and that’s exactly what my team and I did. It took us a year prepping for the launch of WIYB, with constant research and ideation happening, and passion as our driving source. Since our launch in December, our subscriber base has grown every month, and I am overwhelmed with a sense of pride every time I connect with a subscriber who is eager to share their love for what we’re doing, and how they feel more educated and empowered because of it.

M: What has been your favorite brand partnership so far? What companies are you obsessed with working with?

C:Tough question! Lovability and Sustain were my biggest brand crushes leading up to our launch. We asked them to be a part of our first boxes, and they were as excited as we were to be included, which was truly an awesome feeling.  As a subscription service, you’re only as strong as the partners you work with, and we do work with amazing partners.  These brands all share our message and commitment to providing women with the best products for their bodies. It’s a pleasure to work with some of the leading brands (especially female founded/female run companies) in the sexual health category.

M: You’ve already received some amazing press. InStyle and Popsugar are big-deal sites. What would be your dream publication to be featured in?

C: Well, my dream publication to be featured in was Cosmopolitan, but because of my kickass one-woman PR team, that dream became a reality this summer! We were featured as ‘orgazmic goodies’ in their July issue, with Scarlette Johannson gracing the cover. It was a surreal moment for all of us, and our families and friends. Next I would say is Nylon or Teen Vogue – Nylon because they’re edgy and brazen, while still being super relatable, and Teen Vogue because they cater to youth culture, which is an impressionable and important demographic to reach, especially when it comes to sexual health and body image.

M: Where do you see WIYB in 3 years?

C:Our main focus with WIYB is to continue educating and empowering women around their sexuality. We believe that the more informed a woman is about her body, the more empowered she becomes to make the best decisions for herself, and that’s ultimately what we want– women making decisions for themselves. We want women to feel confident in everything they do, starting with what happens in the bedroom. We have a brand ambassador program launching in the fall with a focus on college campuses, as young women exploring their sexuality has always been a focus of ours, and we want make sure they are properly equipped to achieve the self-image and climax they deserve.  Another big goal is shipping internationally, as we’ve had a lot of interest from gals looking to get theirs in other countries!

M: Have you received any criticism since starting WIYB? If so, how do you handle the haters?

C: We have received some criticism – mostly due to people not understanding how this box is a solution, or why it’s necessary, which proves our point even further regarding sexual health still being so stigmatized. Overall though, the feedback we’ve received has been tremendous  – our subscribers love the empowerment and education behind WIYB and view it as a great conversation starter in the bedroom and between friends. Whether they’re single or in relationship, they feel empowered around their womanhood and are excited to treat themselves to a little surprise each month.

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