Caroline Vreeland is a Living Icon

September 17, 2017

Instagram is best used as a source of inspiration, but oftentimes the app can feel mundane. In the saturated world of fashion, it is really difficult to stand out. There are millions of people posting their #OOTDs, and it’s hard to distinguish one hot mormon blogger from the next. One person who never fails to entertain me online is Caroline Vreeland. She’s the perfect combination of timeless beauty and unapologetic sex appeal. Even GQ has a crush on her. Following Caroline is a lesson on how to flaunt it tastefully. I find myself inspired daily by her style and sensuality.

Caroline is a legacy. She was born the great granddaughter of one of the chicest women of all time. Diana Vreeland was the Editor-in-Chief of Vogue in the 60’s and early 70’s. Caroline herself is a singer, but she still has a lot of influence in the fashion community. Her stylish upbringing may be the reason she is invited to fashion shows, but her duo with a major fashion blogger lands her front row.

Caroline Vreeland and Shea Marie have a cute love story. They met while working at a bar as broke bitches in LA. Not only did they work together, but they realized they lived in the same building. The two were instant best friends. A few years later Shea became one of the world’s most respected fashion bloggers and later the creative director for a hugely popular designer swimwear line made in LA. But rest assured, Caroline is nobody’s sidekick.

Caroline and Shea are known to take on fashion week together, wearing coordinating outfits that essentially monopolize the street-style blogs. They’ve built an empire around their friendship, and essentially started the match your bff trend. If that isn’t goals, I really don’t know what qualifies.  Despite being attached at the hip, the two women are very different. Caroline has a very specific brand of carbohydrates and cleavage. She’s regularly spotted in a low-cut shirt eating pasta. Her most used hashtags are #carowine and #carocarboload. She’s also visibly the baddest of the two babes.

Shea, on the other hand, has a very restrictive diet and workout routine. I appreciate how transparent she is about it, because you know she works hard to be tiny.

Despite her internet fame, Caroline’s success doesn’t live online. She’s the new face of Steve Madden and she’s a talented singer. It’s easy to cringe when someone makes a Marilyn Monroe comparison, yet with Caroline it is so fitting that it does not feel like a cliche. She has the “it” factor that makes you believe she’s a living icon.

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