We Love Danielle Brooks

November 10, 2017

There are a lot of lovely ladies in the Orange Is The New Black cast worthy of praise, but here at Mack in Style, we reserve a particular love for Danielle Brooks.

On-screen talent

Brooks, known for comical yet poignant af Litchfield inmate Tasha “Taystee” Jefferson, has talents that stretch far beyond the TV screen.

(Funny enough–Brooks is actually vegan.)


When not sporting a tan prison jumpsuit and advocating that black lives matter at Litchfield, Brooks is busy being body posi AF.

You may recognize her from her body-positive viral Lane Bryant campaign #ImNoAngel that celebrates curvy women in all their forms.

Off-screen talent

Or perhaps you were lucky enough to see her in the Oprah-produced Broadway production of The Color Purple. Brooks plays Sofia, played by Oprah in the movie. Her character is a straight-shooting gritty powerhouse that doesn’t take shit from no man, says Renee Gros, an actress who saw her performance in August 2016.

Holding them accountable

Maybe you read her amazing response to a racially insensitive Dove campaign on The Lenny Letter. Linked here, if you somehow missed this. Her viral response dictated that her dark skin was not dirty. Her “Black Girl Magic” T-shirts are armor. Not only representation, but also, the way we look at it, matters.


Most recently, we love and excitedly await her new clothing line in collaboration with Universal Standard called the Tria Collection. Universal Standard is an inclusive brand that caters specifically to sizes 10-28. Brooks has championed #voiceofthecurves and become the spokeswoman for representing the 67% of women ignored by mainstream media. The collection features a classic button up, a pair of black overalls, and a captivating off the shoulder maroon dress inspired by Solange Knowles.

USxDB fully launches on November 16th.

She rocks

Lastly, we of course love Danielle Brooks because she loves us too. 😍😉

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