You da Bomb

November 13, 2017

Last winter I was overwhelmed with jealousy. Someone I follow on Instagram posted a photo of herself in the snow with a massive pink smoke bomb. I scoured the internet with no luck. All I could find were some seriously fancy, unreasonably expensive, super legit color bombs that were based in the UK. So lame.

Nevertheless she persisted. I was determined to make this Insta-dream a reality. I recruited my co-worker and friend Mark, who is always down for a photography project, and sought out some affordable smoke bombs.

I’ll share a not-so-secret with you. I hate gender reveal parties. My boyfriend thinks this makes me judgemental, perhaps he’s correct. Either way, I found myself purchasing some gender reveal party merch in order to make my photo effect dreams come true. For just $20, you get 2 blue smoke bombs and 2 pink! For this particular project I only needed the pink, so stay tuned for the first snowy day when I decide to whip out my “it’s a boy” smoke bomb! I liked the exact explosives at the bottom. 

If you decide to do this, I advise choosing a day that isn’t 30 degrees and windy. Perhaps avoid a body of water. I made all of these mistakes and my photos didn’t come out as amazing as I would have liked. Also, be sure to match your outfit. I had this sweet Elizabeth and James bomber that I rented (duh) from Rent the Runway.


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