A Day Uncensored With Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint

December 5, 2017

One-stroke intensity. Unrivaled precision wand. 12 hour matte wear. A universal red for all skin tones. My president, Rihanna, promises all of these things within her latest Fenty Beauty release Stunna Lip Paint, “Uncensored.”

Initial thoughts, pre-application: The shade is a little more vibrant than the deeper reds I typically wear, but that’s absolutely not a dealbreaker. It’s a solid holiday red. The applicator wand looks really good, especially for those who maybe haven’t perfected shaping their cupid’s bow. The shape makes it easier to really get all up in there.

My main worries going in are that the liquid lipstick will transfer easily onto other things like food, coffee cups, etc. Also, that it might feather and crack. It’s not uncommon at all to run into this problem with liquid lipsticks. Kylie Lip Kits are the worst offender of this. Some formulas just harden too much. But I have serious faith. Rihanna pulled through so far with the rest of the Fenty Beauty line (see our last post about that here.) She does not disappoint. 👑


To start off my #Stunna day, I prepped my face with the usual: Too Faced Hangover Cure Primer (which, BTW, I’m in the market for a new primer because this one while efficient is infused with enough coconut water to remind me of Malibu: the taste of alcoholic sunblock. If anyone has any suggestions, HMU in the comments section!) Kat Von D Lock It Concealer, Fenty PRO FILTER foundation, Kat Von D Translucent Powder, Anastasia Beverly Hills Sun-Dipped Glow Kit, and finally, Marc Jacobs EyePop Stick in the shade “3 Shakes.” It sounds like a lot but I promise it’s an almost effortless routine.

The main event, “Uncensored” went on smooth with and easy with it’s funky little applicator. The shade is a vibrant bright red. The color is brighter than my future, but as the day went on it dulled. The most miraculous thing about the application was how little product is needed for a full coverage.

My first thought was that the color would be an adjustment for me. I stick to deeper reds usually. But as you can see through this face journey, I warmed up to it pretty fast.


Rihanna’s one swipe finish promise delivers. I legitimately only dipped my wand once, and was able to fully cover the whole lip look without a second dunk. In fact, I think a second application with this specific product would risk overdoing it and a potentially tacky build-up.

Unlike other liquid lipsticks, it didn’t feel waxy at first, it went on thin and stayed that way. “Uncensored” took a long time to dry, and not wanting to be late on time I tried to set my new overall best I could with some Kat Von D Setting Mist.

Side note: I wanted to embrace full Rihanna with the day and planned to also wear a leopard faux fur coat, but when it came time to leave this house I couldn’t do it. Wasn’t feeling it. Someday I will go full Rihanna, but today I wasn’t ready.


Throughout the day I purposely tried to see just how easy it would be to sabotage this look. A major enemy of any holiday red lipstick, is a cup of hot cocoa. While waiting in line at Starbucks, approximately a half an hour after application, it still wasn’t completely dry on my lips. The first sip left a faint mark, to be expected. However, it could’ve been a lot worse (*cough Kat Von D*).

The mark was barely there for like, the first half of the cocoa.


Unfortunately, I couldn’t solely dedicate my day to Rihanna’s newest makeup release (Ugh, higher education, am I right?) But as I sat in my lecture on classical composition, approaching midday, the cocoa lid became a hot mess.

I figured it was game over after this. I fully expected that the product bled around my lips, and completely came off entirely. Remember how I applied so little? There was no way it could come out of this in tact, I thought.

Then, a Rihanna miracle happened.

After class I checked and nothing came off???? It didn’t even look faded? The outline of my lips didn’t bleed even onto my skin. I don’t understand this literal black magic? I’m shook.


Firstly, I want to be very clear there was no way in hell I was going to go out of my way today to include a male perspective in this story. It’s really easy to figure out if it will transfer to another person. Like a 7th grader I kissed my hand, and it did NOT leave a mark. I’d insert a picture, but it would just be my plain hand. Additionally tried to blot with a napkin midday after it had finally dried (it took maybe 4 hours to dry) and again, the result was a faint, barely there mark.

Taking note from the cocoa cup, honestly I’d say this passes a mistletoe peck. You could probably get a few pecks in, but I would not make out without someone wearing this because a) girl, you’re wasting Fenty Beauty and b) both you and your significant other will look like the Joker.

During the day, not once did I feel that my lips were overly dry, which again is a common liquid lipstick trait. It never once cracked or feathered. It did dull in color, which I liked.


Tired, it was time to go home and put this product to the final test. I ate a greasy slice of pizza – lipstick’s second biggest opponent behind a grilled cheese. Note: I did not touch up or re-apply any more product for the whole day. I went the whole day using just one swipe of liquid lipstick, and that in itself deserves a round of applause. 👏🏻👏🏼👏🏽👏🏾👏🏿

The end result was this:

And honestly? Not bad for post-cocoa and post-pizza. Not bad at all. As for the actual removal, this was another thing that had me shook. It took a single makeup wipe to vanish completely, despite having fought to hard to stay on all day. I expected it would be hard to get off because of all this. It came right off. Rihanna is magic. ✨


Fenty Beauty’s Stunna Lip Paint in “Uncensored” passed every aspect of the 12hr test. Every thing she promises, comes through. The product will last the 12 hours. Only so little is needed for the full look. In fact, I recommend conserving the product and applying it in one stroke, rather caking it on in layers. All of my initial worries, were surprisingly non-issues. My lips did not crack or dry out. It didn’t transfer off enough so that it was even noticeable, let alone in need of a re-application.

At first I wasn’t the biggest fan of the color (a girl likes what she likes, okay!!!) but as the day went on it dulled and I was happy. This vibrant red will beautifully blind on darker skin tones especially. For lighter skin tones who are apprehensive that such a bright color might make your skin look more translucent: take solace in the fact that with time the color calms down to a very neutral, universal red.

What I love about Fenty Beauty, is that while it is a celebrity makeup line, it’s extremely informed in what works and what doesn’t. Rihanna has put in so much work, work, work, work, work and it shows. It took longer to dry than I thought it would. The entire time it felt smooth and thinly layered, even though it was still so pigmented and matte. How??? Would I wear this again? Absolutely. The perfect occasion for this red is a holiday party or a power-move work day. Nothing but respect for my president, Robyn Fenty.

You can find Stunna Lip Paint in “Uncensored” below at $24, along with some other cute Fenty sh*t. ✨💋✨


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