11 Women that Inspire me Online

January 10, 2018

About a year ago I decided to unfollow anyone on social media that made me feel bad about myself. It’s hard to practice #selflove when everyone else seems to be chillaxing in Bali or in the Hamptons on Revolve’s dollar. Overall it was a great decision. Blogging is a huge part of my identity, and Instagram is part of the deal. It’s important to alter your media consumption in a way that is healthy, but also inspiring. I’ve rounded up my favorite people to follow on Instagram.

Jacey Duprie

It’s no secret that I admire the hell out of Jacey Duprie of Damsel in Dior. I’ve been obsessed with her since she first started blogging, and I’ve written about her several times on this site. She’s a skinny blonde whose married, in her 30’s and lives in LA. You’d think we’d have very little in common, but I actually feel strongly that we’d be friends IRL. I read every post she publishes, and I take a lot of her advice to heart. I have bought things on a number of occasions per her recommendation. Jacey sells a lifestyle that is curated and yet undeniably authentic. Sometimes I actually creep myself out because I have had several dreams where we are best friends.  (btw the photo up top is hers!)

Marissa Casey

I recently discovered Marissa Casey of the Fashion Ambitionist, and I love following her daily outfit photos. A few weeks ago I found out that Marissa does all her own photography on a tripod, and it took me to stan level. She’s brilliant. Following her is like having a stylist in New York. It’s a lesson in how to be chic. She’s the ad director for Who What Wear, and it shows in how she dresses. Oh, and she totally uses Rent the Runway (the most genius fashion hack), which I love because I can rent it too!

Noelle Downing

Though she gave me the confidence to wear a beret, I don’t have much in common style-wise with Noelle. Her fashion sense is incredibly quirky and colorful. The way her photos are staged is the work of a true professional. She also changed the mindset I had, which was that all big fashion bloggers grew up rich. Noelle recently revealed on her Insta-story that both of her parents died before she graduated high school. She moved to New York from a tiny town in Louisiana when she was 18 + worked retail. Her story is fascinating and her personality is very endearing. I’d totally be her friend. I also like how she is a size 8 like myself.

Caroline Vreeland

I’ve written an entire blog post on how much I like #Carowine on this blog before, this is because i’m borderline obsessed with her. The great-granddaughter of the iconic Diana Vreeland, Caroline is a living legend. Like myself, Caroline has big boobs, and I LOVE seeing how she styles them. I bought a bathing suit recently because I loved it on her! She’s the kind of person you’d want to smoke a joint and have a glass of red wine with. Combined with BFF Shea Petranovic, I credit the duo for bringing eccentric faux fur back into fashion. They also totally started the matching with your BFF trend that was huge last year. I’m constantly inspired by Caroline, and I know you will be too.  

Michaela Kotob

Though I don’t know Michaela, I feel like I do. Her blog, Roses & Mimosas, is based in Boston. I’m always happy to support fellow New England gals. While her follower count is on the lower end of influencers (~2.5k), her content is stronger than most blogs 3x her size. She stages and styles photos to perfection. She’s mastered her own aesthetic and I think she has potential to do really well as a fashion blogger. Keep killing it Michaela.

Courtney Quinn

Few bloggers have an aesthetic as distinct as Color Me Courtney. Her Instagram is masterfully styled, bright + colorful like her personality. This girl has a super strong brand and the best stop motion videos in the game. She also recently started a series on her blog teaching you how to incorporate color into your wardrobe, I’m excited about it! The main reason I love Courtney is that she isn’t twig thin, and I know I can adapt her style into my life. Between the pleated midi-skirts and faux furs, I’m a color-block away from stealing her look. 

Chloe Plumstead

I have only recently become aware of this petite, curvy fashion blogger + I feel like I have been missing out. I discovered Chloe on twitter, after someone I know tweeted about how she is their favorite blogger. Upon reading her site for the first time, I felt like we were long lost friends. This British babe re-defines keeping it real online. I’m inspired by her voice and I think i’ll become a better blogger for it. Thankful for you, Chloe!  

Olivia Muenter

Olivia is a fashion & beauty editor for Bustle, but her social media presence is a brand all it’s own. Her eye makeup inspo alone makes Olivia worth following, but if you’re someone who is tall enough that fashion is made a little difficult– this is your girl. I’ve also met her IRL + she is cool AF. Follow for the fashion & beauty inspiration— stay for the puppy pictures and book reviews. 

Devin Brugman

½ of the A Bikini a Day & Monday Swim girls– I originally didn’t expect to like Devin as much as I do. I mean, this girl is 12/10 on the hotness scale and spends most of her days bouncing around the beaches of Hawaii in a swimsuit. NEED I SAY MORE? Surprisingly, I’ve grown very fond of Devin. She’s a fellow member of the busty betch club, and she’s written several posts on how to find bras + swimsuits for your huge chest. Instead of being sad that I will never have the measurements of somebody like Alexis Ren, I can lookup to Devin as my true body goals. Thank you for your service, Devin.

Carmen Jenny

Carmen is the fashion blogger behind Carmitive. She’s from Zurich, but lives in Munich– and believe me, she’ll have you dreaming of Europe. Though Carmen has just under 7k followers, her following is visibly engaged + authentic. Every outfit photo she posts is perfectly styled. Not only do I love everything she wears, but her shoots tend to be in front of a stunning landscape. Carmen is still a student, but she could teach a class on how to create the perfect Instagram account. She inspires me daily.

lynn kim do

There is no question that Lynn is a queen of the insta-story. Then again, she’s good at literally everything on social media. She makes a sponsored post look organic and chic. Her travel photos will have you looking up flights. If you’re interested in content creation or do social media for a brand, following Lynn is a lesson in branding. There is a lot to love about #neckbreakstyle.

Who are some women that inspire you online? I’m really looking to diversify my feed (upon realizing it is really white and skinny while doing this.) Tell me who to follow, friends!!
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