Rachel Zoe Box of Style Review

January 17, 2018

Hello Mack In Style! Nicole from Bolt Blogs here. It’s been awhile, but I’m so happy to be back and bring you some thoughts on the Rachel Zoe Box of Style subscription service. I signed up for the box after lusting over my boss’ beautiful boxes for two seasons and wanted to get in on the fun too.


This seasonal subscription box costs $100/quarter or $350 up front for the year. Most often you can get $10 off when you sign up as well with a code. If you want to use mine, you can click the link here. Each box is valued at $400. I purchased the full year and used my boss’ referral code, bringing the cost of each box down to $85.

What’s Inside

Each box comes with two or three fashion items/accessories, two or three full-size beauty products and one lifestyle item for a total of six items. The winter box came with a faux-fur scarf, a box clutch, statement earrings, a facial oil, liquid eyeliner and a 2018 planner.

All of the products are individually wrapped in tissue paper and bubble wrapped if necessary. I really appreciate the presentation as well. The box also comes with a little pamphlet explaining all of the items in the box and provides styling tips.


My favorite box that I’ve received so far is the Summer 2017 box. Fall fell a little flat for me, although I loved the beauty items. The fall box had one big issue that caused a bit of backlash. One of the accessories in the box were La Soula rings, which tarnished very quickly. So far, mine have held up decently, but I have higher expectations as far as the quality goes. Box of Style actually re-posted my photo of the rings on Instagram but ended up taking it down because of the negative comments and complaints about the quality of the rings. The winter box has been great so far, although the clasp on my clutch was a little finicky.

Overall, I would say that I’ve been very happy with the quality of the items. There are always some stand-out products in each box. In this latest box, I was most excited about the House of Harlow earrings and the Osea Facial Oil.

If you’re somewhere cold, I’d highly recommend you snag this oil, even if you don’t get the box. It’s available at Blue Mercury.

Customer Service

The Box of Style customer service is phenomenal. I commend how they handled the ring situation in the fall. After hearing customer’s complaints, the company sent out an email apologizing and offered to replace your rings, free of charge. I thought that they did a great job acknowledging and attempting to resolve the situation. I also had an issue once with a referral link and they replied to my email very quickly.

Will I Renew?

My renewal will be up after the spring box and sadly, I won’t be renewing. It’s not for the quality of the box at all, but I simply am trying to cut down on spending. Although, for the amount of items you are getting, it’s a phenomenal value. Another idea for the box– if you’re nervous you won’t like everything, regift it! Everything is individually wrapped in the box so you could easily hang onto an item or two to gift as birthday or holiday gifts.

If you want to get a little more in depth with the Winter Box of Style, you can watch my unboxing on YouTube here.

If you have any follow-up questions, leave them down in the comments below. Happy Shopping! – Nicole @boltblogs

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