PSA: Valentine’s Day is Next Week!

February 7, 2018

It’s me again! Here to serve you with your yearly reminder that your girlfriend does not want a heart shaped necklace. Unless you are in 6th grade, in which case, it’s a right of passage! Don’t forget the Russell Stover chocolate box from CVS. Unless you are over the age of 18, in which case, gifting your significant other drug store candy is literally illegal.

Anyways, let’s start with the basics.

chocolate & sweets

Unless your girlfriend has specifically stated that she does not like chocolate, assume she wants some. If she prefers fruity things, macaroons from Laduree (or equivalent) are always appreciated. Cupcakes are also an excellent option. You don’t have to buy jewelry to impress your babe, a box of Maison du Chocolat is the sugary equivalent to a Chanel bag. No need to buy the heart-shaped box (which is expensive), the classic will do. My boyfriend is very skeptical of spending excess money on things, but he thinks Maison du Chocolat is absolutely worth it. I cannot stress enough how much we both love this chocolate. If you don’t want to order online (fair, I guess), and still want to do something nice– Godiva is in most malls and all Macy’s. It’s lightyears more romantic than CVS (I cannot stress this enough.)


Unless your girlfriend has specifically stated she does not like flowers, get her red or pink roses. It’s tradition, and it’s hard to go wrong. However, you know your babe better than I do. She might have a strong love of sunflowers. In which case, do you. If you have no idea, assume roses.

Food situation

On the real, I really don’t like to go out to dinner on Valentine’s Day. I loathe pre-fixed menus (except on restaurant week), and I don’t see the point in going out to dinner on a random Tuesday, just because everyone else does. I’m also very salty about last year’s v-day experience, which i’ve probably told you about if we are friends. Ask your love if they’d rather do a fancy dinner at home, steak + merlot anyone? I’ll bring the caviar. If they *insist* on going out to eat, book your reservations last week. Oh you forgot? Literally stop reading this and call a nice restaurant. Preferably French or Italian.


There are two obvious gifts worth giving on Valentine’s Day, which are perfume and jewelry. Ben loves to give me perfume. He’s bought me the Gucci, Versace + Chanel perfumes below. All of which are amazing. Fragrances are a lovely way to spoil your significant other without breaking the bank. As for jewelry, it’s important to first note if your girlfriend is a gold or silver girl. Always get a second opinion, preferably from her most fashionable close friend or sister. Other cute options would be a polaroid camera, a vape,  sunglasses, a handbag, shoes or lingerie.

I’m not going to overload you with options, because Valentine’s Day is simple– just plan a really great date night with the one you love. Whether it’s watching Casablanca or Roman Holiday with a $20 bottle of wine + a pizza or eating at a Michelin star restaurant– just make it a little more special than your average day. Also, If there is a play or concert in town, checkout tickets! Have happy hour drinks + apps before. Have fun with it. There is nothing to dread about a day that’s all about love.

shopping guide

our reader’s favorite perfumes


jewelry i think most of us would like

Under $200 because I know my audience


A festive vape for your gal

various gifts for her

& perhaps something sexy too


Happy Valentine’s Day to my sweet love Ben!

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