Bold Encounters with January 2013

Its rare for me to remember my New Years resolution past February 1st, much less pursue it for any impressive amount of time. Regardless, January has proved itself to be an eventful month for me thus far. I quit my job at National Jean Company. I love fashion and I don't mind working retail. Normally this would be fine and I'd be completely satisfied with my life. Unfortunately, I had come to the realization that ALL I know I enjoy…

How to get me to say "yes"

I've made it very clear since the age of 5 that no engagement ring would be acceptable if it isn't Tiffany's. However, I've never imagined my dream ring, oddly enough. Until I found this the other day.   If you propose to me with a Tiffany's ring (princess cut, obviously) you'll get a serious consideration. If you present to me this heart shaped beauty you'll get an instant "yes", even if we've never met.