Stumbled across Bauble Bar a few mornings ago and I absolutely love it. For starters- upon signing up, you receive $10 credit to the store. It isn't the cheapest store in the world, but the pieces are unique and affordable- think a collaboration of the jewelry from LF and Forever21 (the prices are in between as well). If you're looking for your next statement piece, look no further.     These are my personal favorites- but they have something for…

How to get me to say "yes"

I've made it very clear since the age of 5 that no engagement ring would be acceptable if it isn't Tiffany's. However, I've never imagined my dream ring, oddly enough. Until I found this the other day.   If you propose to me with a Tiffany's ring (princess cut, obviously) you'll get a serious consideration. If you present to me this heart shaped beauty you'll get an instant "yes", even if we've never met.