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A Weekend in Munich

Having been blessed with the opportunity to work remotely through my current job, I spent the month of June in the charming city that is Munich, Germany. With nights, weekends, and beautiful summer weather at my disposal, I spent long hours wandering about the Bavarian capital in an attempt to hunt down the city’s most prized landmarks while simultaneously searching for the best place to grab a beer. (more…)

The Revitalization of Italian Fashion

Ahhh, Italy. How is it possible that a single nation can be credited for giving the world pizza, pasta, and Prada? The Italians do a lot of things well, and fashion is one of those things. Unfortunately, in recent years the prominence of Italian high-fashion labels was falling by the wayside due to a lack of ingenuity and increased competition from foreign brands. However, in the past year or so, the Italian fashion scene has been given a breath of…