One-Piece Wonders: #BBBSwim

June 26, 2017

By now you’ve surely seen her textured, figure- flattering leggings on multitudes of women in Boston’s hottest gyms and studios. You might own a few pairs yourself and you may have even taken the class that started it all, Booty by Brabants. Kelly Brabants, fitness instructor and fashion designer, is the one we can thank for improving the workout-wear and derrières of Boston babes everywhere. She’s created a cult-like following, drawing inspiration from the Brazilian booty in both her workout class and her designs. Booty By Brabants is about confidence, positivity and embracing the curves you have. And now that it’s summer, it’s time for those curves to hit the beach.

That’s right- Booty by Brabants launched a swimsuit collection, and it is just as amazing as you would expect. I had the chance to attend the #BBBSwim Launch party at the W Hotel, and with all of the pieces in the collection on display, I can say that Kelly hit the nail on the head with her designs. Like her leggings that I gushed over in my past interview with her here,  the suits are one-size-fits-most, and will be the best things you buy for your posterior all summer. Carefully designed in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil this past winter to Kelly’s exact specifications, they range from $55-$80 and are versatile enough to double as body suits, just as many of the women at the launch party were wearing them. The silhouettes and comfortably stretchy lycra material will have ladies confidently showing off their best assets and looking fabulous.

I went to the launch party solo dolo (journalistic purposes, nbd), and had an absolutely blast. I met Kelly’s family and friends, who are the warmest and friendly bunch of humans, drank the special “Kelly’s oBBBsession” cocktail, danced and partied with Rodrigo Marim (who was described to me as ‘the Brazilian Justin Bieber) after his performance, and watched the BBB girls strut across the stage, modeling the new collection.  Dj Pup Dawg brought the beats while Kelly Brabants brought the bathing suits.

The “Booty on the Beach Season 2” in black is to die for. It’s the sexy black one piece you’ve been searching for. My other favorite pieces from the #BBBSwim collection are The “Carioca” One Piece and The “Pineapple Paradise” One Piece, all of which can be found here!

With June 21st marking the first official day of summer, you are about a week behind on your orders.

Happy shopping xx


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